is our top priority. We guarantee high quality products and uncompromised supplier quality. After handling many successful projects with excellent benefits for our customers, we have a broad range of experience and a knowledge base that makes us a leader in our field. We have answers to your casting technology questions, and our expertise can help us achieve results quickly and reliably. Our goal is to be your first contact for mold filling and solidification. As a reliable partner, we focus on building trusting and long-term collaborations with our customers.




is the foundation of our future as a customer-focused, international, and continuously growing enterprise. For us, innovation means introducing new ideas and solutions that create added value for our customers. We are always investing in research and development, and continuously working to optimize our products and application technologies to keep a step ahead of state of the art technology. We are leaders in dimensioning and constructing flow geometries for filtration and gating technology, and pioneers in designing feeding and cooling solutions. Innovation is one of our factors for success in international competition. Distributed around the world, customers trust our innovative, high-quality casting products and application competence.




from competent and sound application consulting to conscientious delivery of our products. We can support you in improving your product quality and in introducing standards into your production process. We manufacture custom-tailored solutions for your specific requirements. If necessary, we can also be available on a short-term basis.