Product description EXHOF feeder heads

To fulfill our obligations for environmentally-friendly action, we offer our customers highly exothermic feeder heads that stand out for their low fluorine and low sulfur composition as well as for the anorganic binding systems we use, resulting in significantly reduced smoke production.
Our development team is currently working on new feeder head geometries that will continue to offer custom solutions for changing and complex customer requirements.
Highly modern manufacturing facilities guarantee reproducible exothermic properties and reliable dimensional tolerance. Our supplier quality helps contribute to robust casting processes.




EXHOF L-feeder heads by hofmann CERAMiC...

  • guarantee high suction capabilities
  • have a low feeder head height making them suitable for narrow areas
  • don’t require breaker cores
  • provide an outstanding mold seal under the feeder head neck
  • are suitable for all molding lines
  • are not hygroscopic
  • excellent joint formation with low space requirements
  • available in all sizes